Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Television - a poem

Television has sapped my mind

It has even made me blind

And there is something more I fear

Soon I will no longer hear


Valpot said...

What programmer have you been watching?!!??!

(Hope it something good, worth losing two senses for! :) )

Anonymous said...

very good (Pinks)

Anonymous said...

Turn it off
Cut it down
do it quick
don't be a clown

Don't waste your life
staring at the box
end the strife
living rocks!

Inkpot said...

Hi Valpot. I haven't been watching any programmer, however any programme on mainstream tv is capable of rendering you a gibbering idiot in a couple of seconds of viewing.
Thanks Pinks.
Wow Anon! A poetic reply that rhymes, makes sense and has a positive up beat message. You rock, anon! Thanks for the poem. :)