Monday, July 10, 2006

Another day ends

Did a lot of good writing today, or should I rephrase that, did a lot of writing today. I'm making up for my poor performance at the end of last week. I was tired today but feeling like myself again. I'm looking forward to writing tomorrow and finishing (finally!) In Search of the Moon! I can't wait to start Til the Moon Fails. There is something so sweet about starting a new book. Everything is fresh and exciting, and you don't quite know if you are doing or saying the right thing, but you hope it works out. Nothing is quite comfortable. It is great!

Collected Blueberry from the vet. The poor thing is still groggy from the anesthetic. He looks a little like Frankinstien's monster with the wire coming out of his chin and he can't close his mouth. I think Fudge is frightened of him.

I found a baby sparrow in my sister's house this morning (she is away on holidays and I am looking after her dog for her). The poor little thing was fluttering against a window and its parents were outside calling to it. I don't know how it got in. It was only recently fledged because it still had the yellow baby bill that garden birds have. I couldn't open the window with it fluttering against it (it was a sash window) and I was afraid I would frighten it so much it might die, but I knew I had to pick it up to save it. So I said a prayer that I would be able to release it without hurting it and picked it up. It struggled a little, but not too much. It was so small and soft. I carried it down the stairs and out into the back garden. When I opened my fingers, it flew away fast and strong. It was beautiful.


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely story! I'm glad you were able to help!

Anonymous said...

Wow - thats really brill