Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A poem for Blueberry

By Tottie
Blueberry - you look like hell
Please God - soon you'll be well!
Blueberry - you gave us a thrill
when you were fit and healthy still,
with a throaty purr
and silky fur
You deafened your enemies with a frightening roar.
Blueberry, hurry and give us a bell
and let us all know once you are well!

(This was posted as a comment by Tottie Super Rabbit, but it was so good I had to put it on the blog. Thanks Tottie!)


Tottie SuperRabbit said...

I've always been known as a great poet. Even as a baby, my mummy would pull and ears and say "Tottie, you can rhyme!" (Or maybe it was "Tottie, stop your whine").
I have a new Mummy now - two of thwm, in fact - and they both think I'm wonderful.
Thank you Mummy Iseult for printing my poem, your fan forever!

Inkpot said...

You're welcome, Tottie. Thanks for writing such a lovely poem about Blueberry and I hope you will continue to write poetry. You have a nature talent.