Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Back to work

Went for a short walk at lunch time. Wow! What a day. A wall of heat hit me when I stepped out of the house. It isn't like Irish weather, it is like some warmer country.

Back to writing now. Hoping to bump up my word count and getting nearer to my goal of finishing my book.

Message to Leppie: - No, you are not in the room at the moment (as I am sure you know) but I will bring you up tomorrow. I thought you would get bored, but I suppose you could hang out the window and try to catch some birds.

Message to the Leopard: - I wish I was driving in you today! Oh, what fun times we could have! Unfortunately, I don't think there will be any photos of you in my writing room. I don't know how we could get you up all those stairs...

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