Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Flowers and thoughts

I didn't get any writing done this morning because I took my mum in to Dundalk to do the weekly shop. She bought me these flowers for my room. Aren't they lovely? They smell nice too.
Here is the view outside my window today. It is really hot today. 26 degress celcius according to the women in Superquinn!

And this is a flower I can see from my window, I think it is really beautiful, I love the splash of vivid colour concealed among all the glossy greens. Your eye wanders over the verdent shrubs and then is shocked by the sudden bloom of red - but it is a pleasant shock.

I went for a walk on Blackrock beach this morning. It was so warm and sunny and the birds were calling and the little worms under the sand were spraying water out of their homes. It was awesome.

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Anonymous said...

They're lovely photographs but you didn't give us an update on your progress recently - or will your book be full of these lovely flower photographs?