Friday, November 03, 2006

The beauty of this time of year

The last few days have been cold and frosty, but this anticyclonic weather means the days are very bright and clear, with plenty of sun, and there hasn't been much wind either. As a result, the shoreline at Blackrock has been breathtaking. There is a certain quality to the water that is almost magical. It ripples like silk across the sands and is a deep, translucent blue. Where the sun hits it, it is silver. I imagine, if I touched it, it would feel smooth like glass. Dotted along the shore are hundreds of birds, mostly waders. From the road, I am too far to identify them easily, but I know the oyster catches, godwits, dunlins and gulls from their gist (or outline). There were bigger birds there today, looming over the little waders like thick, black giants. I couldn't tell what they were, but they were either geese or ducks. I think they were geese. A pair of them, padding along the incoming tide, as it filled up the valleys in the sand. I wish I had a pair of binoculars. I must get back to walking on the beach. It is so beautiful. I hope Janna won't scare away all the birds, though. I would hate to think of them wheeling into the sky as she bounded through them. Then again, I would probably be as scary to the poor creatures as she would be.


Pinky said...

Hi Iinky - that sounds amazing. it is sunny here to but i am afraid i dont have the skills of langauge that you have so i cant describe my surroundings in such poetitic (?) ways.

Anonymous said...

Go on, Pinky - give it a go! I'm looking at a wall that is the colour of ice cream from long ago - smooth and a creamy yellow.

What are you looking at?