Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Great Little Egret Hunt!

I drove down to the Loakers at about 2pm this afternoon. I saw lots of ducks swimming in the pools among the tussocks and waders sheltering on the rocks and one lone white blob in the distance. To my relief, the blob decided to fly nearer and resolved into a beautiful little egret. I ran down the road to get nearer to it and scrambled up a muddy bank to take a photo (some bin men were doing their collection as I did this, I wonder did they see the egret too?) but while I could see the egret quite clearly, it didn't come out so well in the camera and, unfortunately, the resolution is too low to zoom in. Sick of the paparazzi attention (afterall, it has come to Ireland to escape the media circus) it flew off across the reeds. On the way home I stopped by the beach to take some more photos. Winter is the most beautiful time of year in Blackrock. The sea takes on a light and a quality that it never has in any other season. It positives glows. The air is magical. The light is so soft and flattery, washing away all the hard edges and making even the ugliest stone wall attractive. The increased wildlife helps as well. Everywhere I look I see waders, ducks, geese, gulls, herons. At high tide, the rocks are teeming with animals. I took lots of beautiful pictures, but there isn't room to post them all here. Look out for the birdies on the rocks.


Valinora Troy said...

It's a pity you couldn't zoom in closer on your egret - but it's great you saw him! (or her!)

The other photo is beautiful!

Michele said...

I would like to see more of the beautiful pictures