Sunday, November 26, 2006

Squirrels cubed

I was driving down the avenue the other day and movement in the silver birch to my left caught my eye. I slowed and stopped. Sitting on a branch about five feet above the car was a squirrel peering down at me with bright eyes and a tail like a bottle brush. I watched it for a few minutes when movement in the sycamores at the end of the avenue caught my attention. There was another squirrel scampering around among the branches! I was so excited because I had never seen two squirrels together before. I knew there had to be more than one squirrel and, like mice, the fact that I was seeing one meant there were many more in the trees, however this was my first time seeing two together. Just as I was getting over my excitement, I saw another squirrel higher up in the sycamores. The squirrels in the sycamores were bigger with bushier tails than the one in the silver birch so could it be a juvenile and the others adults - even parents - perhaps? I don't know, but I was excited and once more I bemoaned the fact that I didn't carry my camera in the car. When will I learn?


Anonymous said...

In an ideal world, you would always carry your camera, no matter where.
Unfortunately, this is not really practical as camers taken everywhere can get lost, broken or stolen.
Why don't you build a little shelter in your garden near these trees and hide out with your camera for a few days?

tcm said...

Whow - what the names of sammys friends?