Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Tribute to Troy

I was watching the UTV news the other night and I saw this touching, although sad, story.

Last weekend, a family went for a walk in the country with their four Labradors. They were walking down a peaceful country lane when a pit bull type dog jumped out of the hedge and started to attack their dogs. It then turned from the dogs and latched onto the mother of the family's sleeve, knocking her to the ground. Luckily, she was well bundled up against the weather, and the dog didn't break her skin. Her husband grabbed the dog's hind legs to pull him off his wife, and they both told their children to run. The children ran towards a house at the end of the lane, with the four dogs. The pit bull (like dog) wanted to chase the children and managed to break free. He ran after the children, to the horror of the parents as they watched. The pit bull (like dog) was almost ontop of their little boy when his dog, Troy, realized what was going on and turned around to attack the dog. Troy crashed into the side of the pit bull (like dog), knocking him into the ditch. The two dogs started to fight in the ditch. The family made it to safety in the house at the end of the lane, and the police were called. The man who owned the house tried to get the pit bull (like dog) off Troy by beating him with a stick, but the dog wouldn't let go. The police came out and fired a warning shot (why? It was a dog?) but when that didn't scare the dog away, the policeman shot it three times. Unfortunately, poor Troy later died from his wounds.

This is a tribute to Troy, a brave and noble dog, who saved his young owner from certain mauling and perhaps even from death.

(maybe all labs aren't monsters, after all)

CORRECTION: Apparently Troy wasn't a lab after all, but some other kind of dog (haven't checked that out yet, but my source is reliable). So, sorry Troy for calling you the wrong breed. Labs - good reputation: 0 bad reputation:3


Valinora Troy said...

I don't think troy was a lab.

The enws report Iehard mentioned the walk with teh four labradors, but hen the mother was interviewed. She was asked what type of dog Troy was.

I can't remember the answer but I think it was more terrier-collie-retreiver type.

A very sad story...

Inkpot said...

Oh, I didn't realise troy wasn't a lab. I must be more careful with my facts in the future. Thanks for the heads up. I guess labs haven't had a reputation appeal after all.

Pamela said...

whats wrong with labs?
i like them.
its a very sad story - how wonderful doggies are. i am very lucky to have my own trusty friend - Woozer. She has done her best to guard the family for over 13 years and have been an oustanding and loving pet to me. Woozer you are the best!!XXX