Saturday, November 04, 2006

The elusive squirrel

I was sitting in my writing room, writing away (as one does) when a disturbance in the bushes outside drew my attention. Something big (well, heavier than a bird but not quite a big as a pigeon) was making its way through the trees. I stood up to have a closer look and saw the squirrel running through the branches. As I watched, it jumped out from the shrubs and landed on the wall. It was lovely, quite skinny with a grey body and a red head (it was a grey squirrel, but sometimes they can be quite reddish brown in coloration. I don't think it was a hybrid). It stood there, on the wall, sniffing the air for a few seconds. Luckily my camera was to hand, and I quickly turned it on and turned on the digital zoom. Unfortunately, squirrel nutkin had, by this stage, caught scent of Janna and Rags on the other side of the wall and fled back into the trees. I waited to see if he would return, but not cigar.

Sometimes, in the mornings, I meet the squirrel at the end of the avenue, posing on the gate post. I always regret that I don't have my camera with me (as any good investigator should. After all, I could see a sea monster or a pterosaur, and nobody would believe me if I didn't have my camera to take a snap). However, now I know that even if I had my camera with me, it doesn't mean I'll get a picture of the squirrel. Tis a pity.


Anonymous said...

Always travel with a camera.

I mean to myself and never do!

Michele said...

EVEN a phone camera is good. i'm not a big fan of gray squirrels but they can look cute. i saw an enormous rat this morning - not at all picturesque but amazingly big.

pamela said...

i woke up this morning and saw a handsome leopard at the end of my bed.