Monday, January 28, 2008

3 competitions this month!

I sent off my story, 'The Memory of Fat' to the Maria Edgeworth Short Story Competition this afternoon, which brings my total number of competitions entered this month to three, and my total number of short stories sent out to four, which is probably more than my yearly total for the last few years. I also worked on my story 'The Dream Walker' today, which I started last October and finished in December, but I wasn't happy with the join between the start and the finish. I am happy with it now and think it is a cracking little story, but I am in a quandary. You see, I had intended it for Alienskin, but the final edit has come in at over 4000 words (and Alienskin has a 3500 word limit). Do I slash it so that I get the word count down, or find somewhere else to send it? Decisions, decisions, decisions.


A Fan said...

Congratulations, Inkpot - that's a fabulous January. Hope you win all the competitions!!

Anonymous said...

you must make your stories available for general viewing ie the readers of this blog who have followed your quest for a good while now and really do deserve to see what you are writing- don;t you think?