Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apologies and other stuff

First of all I want to apologise to all the Inkpot Files supporters who rushed over to Helium yesterday to vote on my story. As I only found out later 1. you have to be a writer at Helium to rate other stories 2. it is a blind rating system so you all can't vote for your buddy (like I wanted you to do). However, thank you to EVERYONE who attempted it and nearly bashed their brains out trying to succeed.
I've posted another story on Helium, this time in the sci-fi section. You can read it HERE.
In other news, congrats to VALPOT for her excellent articles (and one number 1 ranking) on Helium. Check out what she has to say about the US and Global warming, abortion and St. Albert the Great (just click on the names).
Today, the 15th of January, Amazon.com's abna competition are announcing the list of 1000 short listed authors who got through for the next round. I am nervously waiting for their email to arrive. I tried not to think about it but I realised my reluctance to get to work this morning was due to having to check my email. From looking at the message boards, I think everyone is in the same position. It probably will be a couple of days before I hear anything - if at all. Please keep Valpot and I in your prayers.
I don't have any other news for the time being. Stay shiny. Inkpot.


Valinora Troy said...

Thanks, Inkpot, for your words of encouragement & support!

Although I don't expect to get to the ABNA semi-finals, I still am finding it difficult to settle on proper work - just want it to be over!

Also thanks re Helium - they're very dashed off, spur of the moment un-thought out reactions (but then that seems to be what everyone else is doing - article standard not very high at all!!)

Anyway, good luck with ABNA - hope we both make it!!

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