Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm Exhausted

I spent my weekend helping out with Feis Dun Dealgan in the Fairways Hotel in Dundalk. It was an exhausting two days. I was working from 8.30am til 7pm on the Saturday and from 8.30am til after 8pm on the Sunday. It was tough work too, with lots of walking around and I had to stay alert and focused the entire time. It was enjoyable as well of course, and there were a lot of talented and entertaining youngsters on stage. It was funny seeing my name on some of the trophies being awarded, but nice funny. Anyway, because I lost my weekend I decided to take Monday and Tuesday off instead and spent most of the time reading and sleeping. I'm back to work today, but I still feel exhausted and I have a cold coming on. I guess the last few weeks, not only the weekend, have taken a lot out of me. Being foolish and staying up late at night doesn't help either.

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Valinora Troy said...

As Marvin says "Look after ur health".

Why was your name on the trophies? Past winner? Name of trophy (ie "The Iseult Murphy Cup") ?