Sunday, January 13, 2008

Review of week - the 7th to the 13th Jan 08

So far the year has turned out ok. I didn't get my 4 hours of writing in every day, but I wrote almost every day. I wrote 2 short stories (about 6000 words in total), submitted 2 short stories (one to the AKC competition and the other to Alienskin) and did some research into markets, competitions and other aspects of writing. I also scrapped loads of attempted first drafts and stared out my window looking for inspiration several times. I read two books (so far), went to a movie, did lots of walking and teaching, not to mention looking after an abandoned dog. My fitness age for today (on the wii) is 32 and my brain age is 26.


Valinora Troy said...

Sounds very productive!

And inspiring!

Inkpot said...

Thanks VT ;)

Anonymous said...

Ì like your new pic vals