Thursday, January 24, 2008

Torchwood and other things

I watched the new episode of Torchwood on BBC 2 last night. It is a spin off series from Doctor Who and tries to be more 'adult' in its themes, hence the later time slot on BBC2 (usually after 8pm). I was disappointed in the first series but hoped it would find its feet and come back with a bang. It is a shame that the script writers didn't take the chance to be 'adult' and write darker, more complex horror and science fiction stories rather than just putting in sex. However, I was so disappointed in the new episode. The acting was so bad, it made the Teletubbies appear RADA trained. The direction switched from shaking, jumping cameras (so popular in modern entertainment) to still, staid set up shots. The lighting was flat and unimaginative. The sets creaked. The story would have been old hat in H. G Welles' time and the interplay between the characters was more like something on Eastenders with some aliens thrown in than what you would hope from some sci-fi show. I think all the good scripts are being given to Dr Who, which seems to get better and better, while Torchwood flounders in banality. I think they should extinguish its light now and save us from any more pain. I know I won't be watching it again.
Went to a quiz night in the golf club this evening with the gang. There was a good turn out, but I'm afraid to say we were robbed. No prizes won for us in either the quiz or the raffle.


Valinora Troy said...

It's funny how the word "adult" is so often mis-construed! That's a shame about Torchwood though.

I am of course waiting for a certain really good sci-fi drama to be made...

The Monster said...

i dont like Torchwood anymore after i heard about the lead actor. torchwood actually spells Doctor Who.