Monday, January 07, 2008

Book Review: The Boy Who Kicked Pigs by Tom Baker

This book is about Robert, a 13 year old boy who loves kicking toy piggy banks, murder, and dreams of destroying the entire human race. Following the legacy of Belloc's poems and Dahl's stories, this is a fantastic, bizarre, grotesque cautionary tale - do bad things and bad things will happen to you. I was interested in this book for two reasons - 1. It was written by Dr Who and 2. It was short. I found it a diversion (a little bit amusing, a little bit dull, a lot perverse) and can only award it 2/10.


Valpot said...


Would you read another by Tom Baker?

Inkpot said...

To Valpot - I don't know, I might, but I wouldn't rush out to the shop (or library) to get his next book. Thanks for the comment :)