Wednesday, August 06, 2008


You know what I hate? You know what really gets under my skin? Publications that couldn't be bothered to reply to your submission and let you know you've been rejected. I know they usually give you a date that you should query by, but what is the point in querying when the issue you were submitting for has already been published and your work is not in it? How would you word that email. 'Er, hi, I was just wondering if you rejected me because I didn't see my story in the issue I submitted for?' I don't think so. I would think there was something wrong with my email but I get family emails no problem and the other rejections seem to get through just fine. My acceptance ratio on Duotrope has gone down to 22%. Apparently that is still higher than average for users on the site. My mind boggles at what is average! I hope that for some of the submissions I have labeled as rejected I have been too hasty and one day the acceptance email will arrive in my inbox. It might be the same day that I wake up a size 8 and know how to speak fluent Latin, but hey, anything is possible - right?


Valpot said...

I agree - it's really annoying. i know publications get a lot of submissions but it wouldn't take long to send a quick note back, especially considering the amount of work the writer has put into the piece (be it good or bad).

Don't submit to them again.

Anonymous said...

Waking up speaking fluent latin would be unusual as its has not been a spoken language for many centuries- however perhaps you mean that you would wake up with a knowledge of it. I suppose those Do it Now tapes might have a latin section and it could programme you. alternatively, you could do the speedy learning programme which no 6 (thoughtlessly) destroyed in the Prisioner. Being a size 8 is well within your grasp.
It is a bit rude of publishers not to inform you but to prevent mistakes (such as being accepted by several publishers) I think it would be a good idea to put on your submission something like ' this submission is withdrawn if not accepted (or rejected) within 1 month' or whatever the usual period is. then you can send it off to someone else without worry

Inkpot said...

Hi Valpot. I agree, how long does it take to hit the reply button on your email account and say sorry we're going to pass? I mean, if they actually go to the bother to read your submission in the first place, that is.

Hi Anon, your point about Latin is valid but I think you missed my point (on purpose) that any of those things happening is unlikely if not impossible. I don't think I would put that disclaimer in my submissions email as I think it would guarantee a rejection 100% of the time. They do say query if you haven't heard back from a publication after their usual response time but I am not brave enough to go looking for a kick, even though I probably should.