Monday, August 04, 2008

Where does your Bogeyman live?

I got into a discussion with Hoofpot and Valpot today about the Bogeyman in our house and where he lives. For me, since childhood, he has dwelt at the end of the upstairs landing. The way our house is set up is that at the top of the stairs there are bedrooms to the right (the extension), a small area with a window to the left which leads onto a corridor with more bedrooms and at the end of the corridor is the bathroom. Outside the bathroom is a light. At night, when it is dark, the light in the corridor reaches to the small area with the window at the top of the stairs. This area is always in shadow, leading into darkness. For me, this is where my Bogeyman hides, on the edge of the shadow, waiting for you to enter the corridor on the way to the bathroom. He is tall, wears a suit and has a face without any features. He carries with him an aura of menace and is undeniably, utterly and totally evil. He has also hunted me in my dreams and even now, as an adult, I still run past the stairs at night knowing he is waiting above (I now sleep downstairs). Valpot knows this Bogeyman well, although she has never seen his featureless face as his face is always in shadow. However, I suspect he is the same Bogeyman. Hoofpot didn't join in on the conversation, as she felt it was unwise to discuss things that scare you late at night, before bedtime. She was right, because Valpot and I succeeded in scaring each other so much we didn't want to leave the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

as you can see, the secret of being a horror writer, is to be easily horrified!! The bogeyman retired some years ago, like Diocletian he likes the adriatic and growing cabbages. Also like Diocletion, he was a top notch horror. His memoirs are a price!!!!

Valinora Troy said...

I wonder where I could get my hands on them???

For those who might scare easily, here is a useful counteracting talk: talk about Frasier. Guaranteed to banish all fears, rational and irrational.

Doesn't have to be Frasier, but I highly recommend him!

Inkpot said...

Mmm... you seem to know alot about the Bogeyman Anon. His memoirs sound entertaining, are you selling them? To you have to pay in blood or can you pay in money?

Good tip about Frasier VT.