Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Winter is coming

I was struck with the fact that summer is on the wane and autumn is upon us once again when I noticed that it is no longer bright at 4am. I'm sure it has been a gradual decline in brightness but it seems like only yesterday the birds where welcoming in the dawn at 4am and now they are still silent at 5am. The year is winding down again. Winter is approaching. I feel sad.


Valinora Troy said...

You're up very early this morning!!!

I know 'real' writers start writing at 5 or 6 in the morning, but then they live in California!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've noticed the mornings getting dark as well but this time of year always gets a bit autumny and then it brightens up again for a while- I think it just likes to give you a nudge that summer is not going to be around for ever. Actually, summer never was really around at all!

Inkpot said...

Hi VT - up early, up late, not sure which I was!:) I think it will be easier to maintain early mornings in California. Must move there now the winter is coming.

Hi Anon. I always think summer will be around for ever but I'm still waiting for it to arrive! I think I'm a swallow coz I'm getting the call to move south to sunnier climes.