Saturday, August 02, 2008

Scraping across the finish line - or not

I'm still smarting from missing Dr Doom's deadline for the Alienskin Magazine Demon Toys flash fiction competition. After four months of having it in my calendar I sat down on July 31st - EST clocks open on my desktop - and started to write my story. Half way through I realised that the deadline was midnight EST July 30th, not 31st. For my regular readers, you might remember my post a few months ago about not leaving things to the last minute anymore. Well, I guess things haven't changed as I left three story entries to the last minute - two I managed to submit on time, the third I missed by a day (Demon Toys). I've started August off on a good note, however, and submitted a story well ahead of its August 15th deadline. May this forward thinking continue.


Valpot said...

Hard luck about the deadline for Alienskin - yes, it was an unusual date. I had a postit on my desktop so I knew it was the 30th but I never got time to enter (excuses, excuses).

Best of luck with the other two competitions!

Inkpot said...

Thanks Valpot.