Friday, October 17, 2008

Bad news

First of all I want to apologize for my tardiness in blogging this week. I had my posts all planned out in my head but I didn't actually type them out because 1. I was so depressed at not getting my iPhone 2. I was so excited when I actually got my iphone 3. I was so tired after spending all night playing with my iPhone. I know having the posts planned in my head is no good to you until they invent direct brain to blog transfer, so I am sorry. Mea culpa.

Secondly I must explain about my obscure post of the other day. It was about getting my iPhone and was written on the phone but, because at the time I had not installed this application, I could not write my post beyond this heading.

This leads me to the heading of this post. I am not writing this from my phone because I am travelling or because of fun but out of necessity (not that it isn't fun!). It is because I have killed my laptop once again. I don't think it could take all the work and programmes of the last few days and then my hamfisted approach to dealing with it didn't help either. I think the problem is, like everything in my life, not the things that happen but how I deal with them ( that made more sense in my head). Anyway old lappie is dead and this time, out of respect for the departed, I'm going to leave him that way. I haven't done any writing in ages anyway and the only things I've lost are all the things I was planning for Christmas presents and the hours of (now) wasted time reloading my music library to iTunes. So, until I can afford to buy a new laptop (some time in the next century unless I turn to companionship in the firefly sense of the word and, to be honest, I don't think I'd make very much at that) I'm going to stick to the desktop and more medieval forms of writing (pen and paper), use my phone for email and scrounge off Hoofpot to charge my various USB dependent devices (thank God I-p came with a socket chargeing adaptor device. At least that's what I think it is).

So bear with me. I will try to keep you updated as I continue to drive my life (and electrical equipment) into the ground but I might be slow to reply to your comments.

Now, where's a pint of ben and jerry's cookie dough ice cream when u need it? Another night crying myself to sleep me thinks.


Valpot said...

Sympathaties on the death of your laptop, Inkpot. However I have to take exception to your idea that it is not what happens but how you deal with things that is the problem. Laptops die, so do camcorders, tvs, cameras, digital photo frames, pcs, cars, etc etc. If I took responsibility for their death as you do for all the things that have broken on me, I would think I was some kind of paraiah and never leave my bed. 1Gb is the absolute minium required for running Vista, and I've heard that even with that much memory, the operating system grinds along. Your laptop was a super spec 4 years ago, but sadly is not any longer. Poor little lappie is due for retirement anyway. It's very annoying having recently spent so much getting it repaired, but that's what happens with things. It's part of life, normal wear and tear, obstacles to overcome.
So it's 'on to the next' (and time to get some writing done!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your laptop- I always liked that computer but alas these things do happen and in fairness, lappie waited until you had your phone before he departed. Shame about the Christmas list though!! and the music! Don't take it too badly- it was a bad week over all for everyone everywhere- appropriate for the demise of a much loved and well used friend.

Anonymous said...

"why do we fall?" - so that we can get up and try again. Why do bad things happen - so that we can get up and try again.
I agree with the other two comments - lappies departure was not your fault.
anyway i hope you have a good day.


Inkpot said...

Thanks Valpot, you make a lot of sense as always.

I liked Lappie a lot too Anon, but he did get a lot of use and he worked hard for his few years with me. It is time for an upgrade.

Ah, Alpame. Very true, very true. Mr Wayne was a wise man.