Thursday, October 23, 2008

School Reunion

On Chuck this week Chuck went to Sarah's ten year school reunion. I don't know if my school is having a reunion (I certainly won't be going to it if they are) but it will be ten years from when I (first) left school and seeing how much Sarah had changed from the time she was a senior in high school made me look at my own life. Have I changed much in ten years? Well, apart from being more hopeless and bitter, not that much. Still over weight, still penniless, still living at home. The incidentals have changed but not the major stuff. I know it is shallow, but what is the point of going to a school reunion if not to rub your classmates faces in how successful you have become? Maybe if I had been able to attend school regularly or had made friends there things would be different. Paintpot went to her 30 year school reunion recently (gosh that sounds scary) and thoroughly enjoyed it, but then again I think she and I are from different molds, different species and possibly different planets. According to my mother, all her year (Paintpot's) were exceptionally brilliant and did very well for themselves. Good for them. From what I know of my year, they didn't quite make the doctors and lawyers stage. Single mothers and school teachers are more like it. However, given my circumstances even that is a phenomenal success compared to me. Self pity much?


Anonymous said...

It is amazing the way self pity totally warps people's perception of the truth. Yes, we all have our moments of it when the dark in our lives is seen as unremiting night. BUt this particular post is a bit much. WHile I agree that school reunions are a waste of time, it is extremely unlike Inkpot to equate sucess to being a doctor or a lawyer. If one sees career/money etc as the bar against which to judge oneself, we would all be losers. but what about the other great achievements people have in their lives and in their relationsip with GOd and man and with self mastery and self improvement, with their patience and kindness and tact. with the light and love they give to others. with the knowledge they gain through experiences, good and bad. While this is true with everyone, all us readers of this blog have seen Inkpots achievements in writing and other things. that is only scratching the surface. Ditch the self pity inky, it doesn;t suit you, you are much too wonderful to have school re union misery. (By the way- I doubt if Paintpot's class were all that brilliant!)And certainly Sarah's class is total fantasy (mind you looking forward to seeing the episode in due course)

Valpot said...

Well, did I detect a note of Frasier in this post? Frasier's only interest in going into a school reunion is to brag about his success (of the shallowest kind). I have to agree with Anon that true success is not measured by earning pots of money (moneypots)but in how you live your life.
Hope you shed this despondant mood in the near future. I was persuaded (by someone who shall remain nameless) to go to my 10 year school reunion, and it was ghastly. I think you have to be a paintpot to enjoy these things!

Inkpot said...

Mmm... a well thought out post Anon. I didn't really mean to equate it to school reunion as much as it came across in the post, more that it was a catalyst to make me look at my life and see what has changed in ten years. I don't think very much. I don't care what the people I went to school with think of me. I didn't then and I don't now, but I do care what I think of myself and it is hard not to see myself (at the moment) as a great big nothing. Self pity? Most certainly. It is also the truth of what I am feeling at the moment. It is not something I want to get stuck in, it is not an attractive state.

I know the best revenge is to live well, Valpot, but I never managed to accomplish that. Frasier-esque, probably. I always told you I was like the elder Dr Crane.