Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Possible Job #3: Charity Fundraiser

A charity in Dublin is looking for outgoing enthusiastic people to fund raise for them in the city and around the country. They are offering a very nice weekly remuneration, which makes me think it is short term work (perhaps just til Christmas) or else a scam. I am not particularly interested in the work, but the money is very tempting. What makes me think I am qualified for such a job? Well, I am outgoing (ish) and enthusiastic (at times) and I have experience of organising things - like the Belly Dance workshop in May.


Anonymous said...

I would avoid such things like the plague as i am very suspicious of so called 'charities' - having said that you are very good at organising things and are out going and all the rest. perhaps i am just too cynical and you should look into it anyway,

Valpot said...

Yes, I agree. I am sure you are well qualified for th ejob, and if the money is that good, check it out further.

Good luck with the job hunt!

Inkpot said...

I don't know about 'charities' Anon, but anything that pays a lot of money for inexperienced people makes me think there is something dodgey about it. Could be wrong of course.

Thanks Valpot.