Friday, October 10, 2008

Did you know?

#1 That when struck, the moon rings like a bell?
I have yet to find any 'official' information on this, but apparently NASA detonated controlled explosions on the moon and discovered that it 'rang like a bell' for up to an hour after the explosion. How sound was recorded either through the vacuum of space or the thin atmosphere of the moon, I don't know. A more likely explanation might be that they recorded reverberations that were similar to a ringing bell.
What does this mean? I'm not sure exactly, but according to my investigations it could mean a number of things.
a) The moon is home to a base of Zetan aliens and the explosions sent the hollow interiors of their subterranean homes ringing. Ever wonder why we aren't all living on the moon by this stage? Apparently the Zetan's told Aldrin and Armstrong, in no uncertain terms, to hit the road and never come back no more. Why is there a Zetan alien base on the moon? Beats me, but I gather there are similar bases on Mars and its moons. NASA have been hiding the photographic evidence for years.
b) The moon is a space ship and only relatively recently brought into orbit around the earth. Who built and piloted the space ship is a mystery, but everyone seems to agree that it was positioned in orbit to help promote life on earth - to make it a farming planet, as one person put it. What or who they are farming is beyond me. However, as many people seem to suggest that the moon didn't reach orbit until after life was quite well established on the earth, I don't know if it really worked as an alien experiment.
c) According to one source, if you slow down the recordings of the ringing moon (again, don't know how sound was recorded) a voice speaking (ancient) Aramaic can be heard. What is the voice saying? We don't know. Once again those evil people at NASA are suppressing the information so we can't learn the truth.
#2 That among the gold and treasures of Tutankhamen's tomb there were also mummified pterosaurs?
This came as a surprise to me. Not that pterosaurs exist in a (relatively) modern age but that a) they were in Egypt and b) they were in King Tut's tomb. The story goes, or so my source tells me, that the mummified pterosaurs disappeared soon after discovery and that all eye witnesses died. Could that be a result of the curse or a more sinister reason? Unfortunately, because of the quick removal of the pterosaurs and the people who saw them (perhaps by Zetan's on their moon base???) there is no description of the type of pterosaur with Tut nor how large or well preserved they were. Shame. If they aren't on the moon, perhaps they are in a big wooden box sealed in a vault of the Smithsonian?
For those of you who don't know what a Pterosaur is, they are (were) flying creatures with leathery bat like wings and perhaps furry bodies. Some have long thin tails with a diamond shaped appendage at the end. Others have boney head crests. They have long beaks with teeth and some grew to enormous size. They are believed extinct by many, but there is much eye witness reports of different types from all around the world suggesting that they are still with us, with the most notable coming from Papa New Guinea.
#3 That Velociraptors live in Turkey?
As recently as the seventies, an expedition searching for the remains of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat were attacked by ferocious Velociraptors. Among the casualties reported were three arms, two feet and a chunk of thigh. I'm not sure if this was the typical body construction of the people on the expedition, or if there were several people injured, but I am a bit disappointed that the velociraptors only took body parts and not full bodies. This list sounds more like the shopping list on Alive! rather than Jurassic Park. Anyway, I digress. I was desperate to find out more about this encounter with Velociraptors - were they guardians of the Ark? How did they withstand the extreme conditions of Mount Ararat? Why haven't they moved into more populated areas of Turkey? - however, my investigations revealed no further reports. I can only conclude that NASA have also suppressed this information.


Valpot said...

Yes, NASA are experts at keeping the truth from us. It is only thnks to the internet that some of the truth gets to us! :)

Still I like these ideas, sort of, I mean the velocirapters hanging around Egypt biting off chunks of people (maybe I'll give the country a miss!)

Who is your source of information? (Mel Gibson?)

Inkpot said...

Hi VT. The velociraptors are actually in Turkey, but if you have heard of them in Egypt please let me know!!! I'm afraid I can't reveal my source. ;)

Anonymous said...

I always thought that the clangers lived on the moon and in fact, i have seen video footage of them and heard their strange crys which are not unlike a bell or indeed unlike the reputed crys of pterasaurs- I think there is a connection. everyone knows the Vatican trains the velociraptors to guard Noah's ark and other such things- and if I am suddenly whisked off by a black plane - you will know why!!!

Inkpot said...

Yes, Anon, the Clangers did live on the moon and had a friend called the soup dragon (pterosaurs perhaps?)I like the Vatican trained velociraptors. Hope you don't get disappeared in black plane!