Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How to lose friends and alienate people

I don't need to see a film to learn how to do this, I'm doing a pretty good job on my own! If there is anyone looking at this blog after all these months of inactivity, I'm sorry. I would love to say I was too busy finalising the details of my book deal, or travelling the world, or even writing, but no.
I'm afraid not.
To be honest, I had a melt down over the summer and decided to live in a very dark place with that part of me that likes to tell me I'll amount to nothing and I'm better off dead. I like to call her Miranda. She likes to eat pizza and lives at the bottom of a deep, dark well. She is always there, in the back of the forest of my mind, and occasionally she pops out of her hole to kick me in the shins. She usually waits until I'm tired or stressed to visit. She has good timing that way. You probably have someone like her living in your head too. However, this is the first time I've gone to stay in her hole with her. It is very dark down there, so you don't have to look at yourself and see that things can be different. And she encourages you not to speak to people, to cut yourself off from the world. Perhaps the worst thing she can do is to tell you that things will never change and you should give up hope.
The good news is, I've thanked Miranda for her hospitality and climbed out of that hole. The bad news is, it is really hard to pick up the pieces and make amends after you have neglected things for so long. You just can't walk back into life after refusing to take its calls and expect things to be the same as they were when you left off. It's tough.
Today I'm feeling rotten from the tail end of a cold, can't fit into my clothes and haven't got any money. I'm feeling like a sim who is being played by an evil child who wants to keep them up all night drinking coffee and then laugh when they wet themselves and all their friends shun them. Perhaps I will be kinder to my sims the next time I'll play. :)
Anyway, that's enough about me. How are you? Is there anyone left out there to reply?


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are back- my advice learn karate
1. keeps you nice and fit and you will back into your clothes
2. kick miranda the next time she comes lurking around
3. really cool thing to do and usefull if you ever become a spy
Joking aside, we have all been there so forget about it, get back posting and on with your life
ps we missed you

Inkpot said...

Hi Anon, mmm karate. I always wanted to be able to break a block with my hand. Good advice, thanks. Glad you were still checking my blog. Thanks for the comment.

Valpot said...

Welcome back!! We did miss you, but it's great to see you posting once more.

I don't think you should visit Miranda again!! Not even for the pizza.

So glad to see you back, once more entertaining and inspiring us, so looking forward to visiting your blog every day once more. :)

Inkpot said...

Pizza *drools*. Hi VT. Thanks for the comment. Hope to see you back blogging too. :)