Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quote of the week

"It is the largest gold statue made by man since ancient Egyptian times, weighing 50kg, around the same as its subject."

Telegraph reporter Aislinn Simpson in reference to the rather obscenely posed gold statue of Kate Moss by sculptor Marc Quinn.

I wasn't aware that animals were busy sculpting in gold, or does she mean aliens?

Edit: Here is a link to a picture of the statue for anyone who is interested.


Valpot said...

I believe she must be distinguishing it from the great natural phenomenon of gold statues that appear in places around the world (Utah, table Mountain, Bantry Bay and the Cotswolds, to name but a few places)...

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the gold statues made by non men- presumably bigger than the obsene statute of kate moss. What a waste of gold- the statute of kate moss i mean, what a culture we live in- we make the egyptians look good- well nearly, they were really horrible people. Amazing the way the desert sand preserved their civilisation while the others around them fell without a trace or only a tiny trace.

Inkpot said...

Thanks for pointing that out Valpot, I forgot about the big gold leprechaun in Bantry Bay.

It is strange what things are presevered and what are lost, Anon. I don't object particularly to a gold statue of Kate Moss but I do object to an ugly erotically posed gold statue of Kate Moss. It is such a shame that art is no longer about... well, art and beauty.