Friday, November 07, 2008

Michael Crichton Dead at 66

We've lost a lot of good men in 2008 and Michael Crichton is the latest in the list, dying in his LA home yesterday from cancer. A man of great talent, he studied medicine before becoming a full time writer and producer. His works include Jurassic Park, Congo and Eaters of the Dead (renamed The 13th Warrior for its cinematic outing). 13 of his books have been made into movies and he also created the popular medical drama 'ER'.
I have been a fan of Crichton's work since I read Jurassic Park at the age of 12. It was probably the first modern book I had read and I was blown away by his graphic depictions of disembowelment and death. I didn't realise that writing could be like that and his influence is very evident in my writing today. I remember sitting in English class a few days after finishing the novel and one of the other girls in my class gleefully describing the disemboweling scene to the teacher. This was one of my favourite scenes and I was amazed that there was another person in my school who shared my feelings about it. Did I say this to the girl, however? Unfortunately no.
My condolences to the Crichton family. RIP Michael.


Anonymous said...

That is a shock as he is quite young- Rip indeed and I hope his family will be comforted during their grief. I thought Jurrasic Park an inventive concept but I admire Crichton more for his recent expose of the climate change business and political racket that it is. Inky- kind of shocked you enjoy disembowling scenes! Of all that is memorable from Jurassic park, that would not be it for me. Each to their own.|!

Valpot said...

I'm not surprised Inky enjoyed the disembowelling scene - have you not read lots of her gorey stuff, Anon?

Yes, poor old Michael Crichton - 66is very young to die. And he did open my eyes to the racket called climate change (which I had believed beforehand. RIP.

Inkpot said...

Anon - I am surprised you didn't realise the disemboweling scenes would be my favourite. You have been reading my work long enough to know I have a fondness for gore.

Valpot - my sentiments exactly. It will be weird not getting his latest novel in the bookshop, reading it quickly and then passing it around the family for discussion.