Monday, November 24, 2008

Writing Exercise #2

OK folks, this week your mission, if you choose to accept it, is observation.
Look around you today as you are out and about. Pick an interesting or unusual person you see on your travels and write a paragraph describing them.
Be warned, your computer will self destruct after five seconds.


The Dude said...

hmmm... interesting.. its like being back in school! :D
nice idea though, will try for sure!

Valpot said...

Where's your entry, Inkpot???

Inkpot said...

Mmm... Inkpot's school of writing. Sounds scary! :) I'd love to read your paragraph Dude if you managed to get around to writing it.

Where's your entry Valpot? I haven't been out and about til today, so I'll post my entry below.

Inkpot said...

She struggled along the footpath, her arms laden down with plastic carrier bags. Her face was gaunt; her cheeks sunken hollows, her eyes tired, her skin the colour of clotted cream. Her mouth was caved in, a sure sign that she had lost her teeth. She was bowed down with a weight greater than her shopping. My heart went out to her - cold, taking the long walk home from the shops. Then she looked up. Her eyes brightened. She smiled; the years fell away and she was beautiful again.

Valpot said...

That's lovely Inkpot. I'm afraid I didn't see anything interesting enough to write about (I know - my writer's eye was turned off as I sat in the traffic)

Inkpot said...

No excuse Valpot.