Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Toon

Thanks to Valpot for the idea for this. Have a good weekend everyone!


Valinora Troy said...

Great cartoon, Inks!

Not that I can claim credit for it ... :)

Valinora Troy said...

PS I hope you do a series, aimed at the struggling writer!!!

The Dude said...

nice one! :D
for me its a monday cartoon now, so thanks for giving me something to laugh at first thing in the morning!
You should check out this cartoonist friends website, he doesnt much anymore but he used to be the funniest guy, the websites:

(yeah, this second one had some influence on my own link for certain reasons..)


nishaa said...

Good one..thanks for the laugh!

Inkpot said...

Thanks VT. I plan to do one every Sunday. Don't know if they will be aimed at the struggling writer, but if I get the ideas they will be.

Thanks for the links Dude. Glad you liked the toon. Watch out for another one next Sunday/Monday morning.

Thanks Nishaa, glad it tickled your funny bone. :)