Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Writers on the Blogosphere

I had a hard day yesterday so, as inspiration didn't come for my post today, I decided to direct you to a few writing blogs that I find inspired and inspiring:-
Some of you probably know this one already. Genius in its simplicity and chock full of fun, the One Minute Writer has a different writing prompt every day and a handy timer with it so you can concentrate on writing and not worry about the time. For those of us who are competitive, Beth also puts up the best reply of the day. Go over there now and get your creative juices flowing.
Orna Ross, writer, agent and blogger is posting about the eight stages of the writing process this week. Pop over to her website and check it out.
How many times a day do I say that? Well, now there is a blog you can visit in your moments of procrastination when you know you should be working on your novel but can't settle to it.
and finally
A retreat for writers on the wonderful Beara Peninsula in Co. Cork, Ireland. I really want to go on a writer's retreat and this place sounds fabulous. I can but dream I suppose.


The Dude said...

hey thanks for these.
btw, theres some writing contest in ireland called the Aeon Awards 2008 that im trying to enter, you in it?

Inkpot said...

Yup, sure am! Albedo One, who run the Aeon Awards, are lovely people. Not only do they publish quality genre literature but they get back to you quickly with your submissions and they always offer something personal on your story. Good luck Dude, maybe we'll both make the final list for this round of the comp. :)

Erica Hanson said...

Hi Inkpot, hi Dude,
I'll post the entry info about the Aeon Awards on my blog. Good luck to both of you. And may we all meet face to face someday at a REALLY cool writer's retreat!

Inkpot said...

Hi Erica. Thanks for posting the info and I look forward to that writers retreat when we can all chat in person. Happy Thanksgiving.