Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Writer Out and About

I've been spending so much time at home recently I've become a recluse. I'm fed up of staring at the same patch of wall, so I've decided to spend at least one day a week writing out and about.

This week I chose Costa coffee shop in the Marshes Shopping Centre, Dundalk.

The materials I took with me this week were:-
1. Pen and Paper (writing retro style)
2. Iphone (to take photos with)
3. Headphones (to listen to music on my Iphone which helped drone out the noise of the other customers)
4. The coins I found in the sofa so I could buy a latte (might be reduced to tap water next week)
5. A large bag to carry everything in


Anonymous said...

thats cool - Pinks

nishaa said...

Seems like an ideal setting to put pen to paper...would love to read what you wrote!

Valpot said...

I tried to read what you wrote : "Plan B Take over the..." something.

'World' is a bit mundane, i suppose. how about coffeepot?

(PS I'm sure I've mis-read your writing but I think it's a great idea. Don't forget to let us know where you go next week!)

The Dude said...

i dont get the time to do any of that anymore, bloody annoying!
i had to move back with the folks cos I had no money so makes it worse! :P love the folks, but yknow how it goes! :D
sounds like a killer plan though, music, pen and paper (im a traditionalist btw, I do longhand, then typewriter, THEN computer) and coffee.. what more can you need? (in my case a smoke might, but thats my bad habit! :D)
Best o luck with the new plan, change is always good.

Inkpot said...

Hi Pinks, glad to see you are still stopping by.

Hi Nishaa. It is a lovely spot to write in. I might reveal what I wrote in the next couple of days. :)

Hi Valpot. You are almost there. Is world too mundane? I like your version better. I plan to post my out and about next Tuesday, so watch this space.

Hi Dude. Yes family is great but living with your folks as an adult can be tough. I like writing longhand, especially with difficult topics - but then typewriter and finally computer! Wow, I'm impressed. I hope you get some time to write out and about again soon.

G. Coppard said...

The Latte next to your set up looks so wonderful I can almost taste it. I wonder if they make them the same here and there.

I often think about the little things. I dream of visiting far off places, but other than little differences, I imagine most of my destinations would be pretty much like anywhere else.

Love your writing elsewhere mantra. Keep it up.

Inkpot said...

HI G.C, the Latte was very nice. Just a touch of vanilla... yum.

The first time I went on holiday abroad I was very disappointed. I expected everything to be so different, and yet it was pretty much the same. I think it depends on what attitude you have when you go away - look for those little differences and you will see them. Expect everything to be different and you won't. It is amazing how inspiring those little differences are.