Monday, November 17, 2008

Writing Exercise #1

When the DN's used to have regular meetings one of the staples was the writing exercise. We would set the clock to 5, 10 or 15 minutes, pick a word out of the ether (be it object, name or emotion) and construct a story within the time limit. Sometimes we would add more restrictions such as genre and tense. These exercises were to help fire the imagination, loosen up the creative muscles and sharpen the mind. Most of the time the results of the exercise were not worth anything but sometimes they would provide the kernel of a pretty good story.
With this in mind, I thought I would pose a writing exercise for the blog.
The exercise for today is:
Write 100 words (exactly, excluding title) on the theme DRAGON
Good luck, and please feel free to post your stories in the comment section. I would love to read them!


Inkpot said...

Here is my entry: -

The Dragon Lady

The dragon lady pushed her cart past Jimmy’s house every Sunday morning. He knelt on the couch in the front room, his nose pressed against the cold pane, watching for her. Tattered blue wings poked out of holes in her dirty duffle coat. A woollen beanie covered her domed scaly head. Mitten clad claws sorted through the dustbins looking for scraps.

‘Mum, look, the dragon lady is here again,’ Jimmy called.

‘It’s not nice to call her that. She’s homeless,’ his mother said.

Outside the dragon lady turned to the window and winked at Jimmy before trundling on her way.

Valpot said...

Hi Inky! Great little story, I want to enter too, later on...

nishaa anil said...

The Dragon Dream

I dreamt the same dream again.A dragon spewing fire on me and burning me up alive.

I know what this dream signifies.Its my daughter Angela who is spewing fire on me while I am being burnt up alive in the guilt her words induce in me.

Its the guilt of having left her with her dad to walk away with the man I love.I find no peace in the new life I am leading.I am engulfed by guilt.

I love you,my Angela.

Can I hope that one day you will try to understand me?

Inkpot said...

Where's your entry Valpot?

That is so sad, Nishaa, and beautiful. Thanks for posting it.

Valpot said...

A bit later than intended:


A miserable specimen, with head hung low, skin cracked and torn, while a handful of growths, some bleeding, criss-crossed his back.

His owner cracked a whip, and shouted: ‘Great bargain! This old beast will pull your carriage, work the land and entertain the little ones. Only a mere three dalbins.’

Returning from the market, the man cursed. “Useless creature. I should put you down.’

The dragon had enough. Raising his head and forelegs, he towered above his owner as his jaws parted for a mighty roar.

In the cavern of his mouth, a tiny flame wavered, spluttered, and went out.