Monday, February 02, 2009

Anchors away

I hate to leave, I hate to leave but when I've gotta leave I've gotta leave.

This is my final morning in Anam Cara and what a beautiful morning it is too. I was going to work on my novel this morning but I think I'll work on a short story instead. I read my prologue to the group last night. I got plenty of constructive criticism which has given me food for thought on where I am going with the novel and I've decided to take a couple of days away from writing it to really think about its future. The drive back to Dublin this afternoon will be a good time for doing that.


Shadowthorne said...

Oh, did anyone from Malaysia or Indonesia ever mention to you that Anam Cara has a meaning in their language?
Anam Cara @ Enam Cara (Uh-num Cha-rah) means 'Six Ways'.
That many ways? Only you should know, you were there. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you dont get caught in the snow!!!!
your week has gonen fast- hope you found it worth it

nishaa said...

Welcome back after the writing retreat Inkpot!

SSQuo said...

Yup, setting it aside and then coming back with a fresh set of eyes will give you a whole new perspective. It definitely helps me, and then I say 'what was I thinking???'

Look at me dishing out advice to the pro-writer! lol. Still, please dont mind.:)

Shad B. said...

Ah, so you're dream trip has come to a close. I hope you had a great time while over there (it certainly appears you have judging by the tone of the posts). And constructive criticism is always needed for writing, although, I'm not sure whether that should come before or after the writing of the story or somewhere in between. I'm undecided on that matter.

Have a good trip back.

~Shad B.

Inkpot said...

That's really interesting Shadowthorne, I didn't know that. Mmm, I'm sure there are more than six ways to Anam Cara :)

Oh dear, Anon, unfortunately I did. The week went very fast alright, I think it is too short a time for a writing retreat. Two weeks the next time - and I'll fly down. :)

Thanks Nishaa :D

Dish away, SSQuo, I'm always interested to hear what you have to say. I think I will set it aside for a while and work on other things. Time helps with perspective, as you say.

Thanks Shad B, I had a great time and I hope I will continue to work on the lessons I learned while on retreat. :)