Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Writer Out and About

This week I went to Brittas Bay, a beautiful sandy beach in Co. Wicklow, about 45 minutes drive down the motorway from where I am staying in Dublin at the moment. It was such a warm, sunny day I decided to get out into the fresh air and get some inspiration. Also, I miss the sound of the sea and the smell of the salt air. I'm used to living between the sea and the mountains, and while I still have the mountains, I do miss the water a lot. I think I am part water sprite (don't know which part, however).
I found the beach was a very difficult place to write. First of all, Janna was under the impression we were there to have fun and didn't want me to sit down. Secondly, there was no where comfortable to sit and watch the waves and if you sit on the beach, sand gets everywhere! I did find it refreshing, however, and inspiring. I think that is just as important.
I took with me this week:
1. Docpot's car (it was the longest I have spent behind the wheel since my accident. I was a little nervous on the motorway at first, afraid that I would skid again, but then I relaxed and enjoyed the drive).
2. Janna
3. Tennis balls and tennis ball thrower
4. Plastic bags (for keeping the beach clean)
5. Water and water dish (for after the walk)
6. Pen and paper (glad I didn't take my laptop, sand is much easier to clean off paper)
7. Iphone
8. Video camera
9. Docpot, Pinky, Toffee and Honey (they were no distraction, however, as they walk much faster than I do and I was left with lots of time on my own to think)


DNOTY2008 said...

Ah, the lure of the sea...it's hard to beat!

Shadowthorne said...

I hope there are seashells on that seashore. Because I like seashells on a seashore, which is a good place for seashells should be.

I twisted my tongue.

Make a frame using the things you find there, for the sea-related poem you will write for us. (A challenge)

Lynda Lehmann said...

Yikes, I'm glad you didn't take your laptop! One stray grain of sand and it could be ALL OVER!

I think your dog wanted you to go into the water with her....

I love watching canines and children frolicking on the beach. And a lovely beach it is!

Have I told you I wrote four novels and many stories? We have that drive in common. :)

Erica Hanson said...

It sounds like a perfectly soothing time--great for inspiration. Love your dog!

_we_the_pieces_ said...

Ooohh thats pretty.
You're right; it's hard to write on the beach.
I stopped trying when I was 10.
The sand gets everywhere, and the wind ripped all the pages out of my notebook

SSQuo said...

Janna isnt into this whole writing thing of yours! I mean why does someone want to sit put when they can splash around in the water and play with THE Janna. 'Weirdo Mama' she says!

Mr. Nighttime said...

I really need to get over to Ireland. I've been to England, been to Scotland, but having acted in Irish plays, I think I it's time I visited the place.