Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Writer Out and About

This week I am writing from the Pot's Writers Retreat in Dublin. I have with me
1. My laptop
2. Pen and paper
3. My trusty iphone
4. My dog, Janna (took a picture of her but she looked dead so I decided not to post it)
I recommend the tea and chocolate croissants. They were delicious - and free!
Ok, you have caught me, I'm writing from my sister's house. I think it classifies as an out and about because it is somewhere different to where I normally write. But Inkpot, I hear you cry, why are you staying in doors when you have the whole city of Dublin - Ireland's capitol city, no less - to explore and write in? Where are the cathedrals, museums and laundry mats that I long to see you writing in?
What answer can I give to that, except that now that I have no car I have to walk everywhere and I am lazy and I don't have money for the bus and I'm afraid if I go outside the door I have to accost people and ask them for poetry tips.
Weak, I know. I'll do better next week. I promise.


Anonymous said...

A nice view, chocolate croissants, writing materials at hand- why would you go out????

SSQuo said...

Oh poor Janna! She was pretending just so she wouldn't end up on your blog! :)ha ha

I don't blame you, with the snow and all else going on on the outside, I'd stay put, and your sis' house with the perfect coffee mug doesnt really scream 'Go out and enjoy the cold either'.

So, its an order - STAY put EVEN if you are dying to go out, and write write write!

Inkpot said...

Exactly Anon, Why?

How can I disobey your order SSQuo? I'll be good, stay put and write. :)