Monday, February 09, 2009

Writing Exercise #10

Ah yes, it is good to get back to my normal blogging routine. I feel like I have been away from it for a lot longer than two weeks.
Anyway, this week I am taking a leaf out of the excellent Pictures, Poetry and Prose (hope you don't mind Laura Jayne). I will be dedicating a post to PPP next month, but if you can't wait til then (and really, you shouldn't) pop over to the blog now and join in the fun. You might even win an Exceptional Writing Award!

Your assignment this week, oh dear blog readers, is to write a short story in the comment section based upon the picture above. I look forward to hearing what you have to say! Oh, and thanks to Valinora Troy for providing the photo.


Anonymous said...

This seems to have silenced the lot of us!!!
Very cute photo

SSQuo said...

Lol, Anon, so true. Mum's the word from all of us!

I'm not a story writer really, else I'd really have given it a shot. Really, its true Inkpot, its true!:)

Inkpot said...

it seems to have, Anon. I'm surprised, I thought it was a cute photo that would have inspired lots of work.

No excuse, SSQuo! :)