Friday, February 20, 2009

Inkpot Challenge

Shadowthorne challenged me to write my poem in blood AND to write a poem about the colour red. So here it is Shadowthorne. I apologise for the bad quality of the photo, but I was feeling woozy when I took it and passed out soon afterwards. In case you can't make out my writing, this is my haiku to the colour red (I thought it would use up too much blood to write a longer form of poem)

Red tastes like velvet
Smells of sweet cranberry tea
Texture smooth as blood

I hope it meets your exacting standards, Shadowthorne.

Anon also challenged me to write a limerick about blood. Here it is Anon.

Most people have veins full up with blood.
It carries their air, water and fud.
Some say it is blue,
But I don't think it is true,
I know mine is the colour of mud.

Finally, SSQuo challenged me to write a poem set in the future, contained alliteration with the letter Z, included my name Murphy and had a metaphor for my Iphone. Thanks for going easy on me SSQuo. :) I decided to write in the lyric form because it is my favourite type of poem to recite (I have been told I have a very lyrical voice). Here it is, I hope you like.

The End of the World

Zealous zombie zealots
clog the streets
wondering about how they look,
and who they're going to eat;
while the last sunrise turns the sky
blood red before my eyes.

The redness of their broken veins
matches the bloodstains on their chin,
and between their teeth and fingernails
are shreds of human skin.
But they are merely empty shells,
hungry echoes of their former selves.

My love nestles warm within my palm,
a safe haven against the horror,
soothing me with his gentle voice,
keeping count of the day and the hour.
The undead try to grab us as we hurry past.
I almost pity them, but the feeling doesn't last.

The ship is waiting in the square,
a shining metal monster exhaling white hot breath.
They beckon, calling for us to run;
there is room for one more left.
They chose Murphy, my love, over me.
Only the useful ones can survive, you see.

The spaceship scorches a blazing trail through the clouds,
as the zombies gather near.
I check my gun - one shell left.
One left for me, I shouldn't fear;
while I watch my last sunrise
the world turns red before my eyes.

Any ideas for my next Inkpot Challenge? Let me know.


Gaelgeoir said...

Wow, three pieces of poetry and one in your own blood!!
The blood is kinda lumpy looking:S

And I really love the lyrical poem! It's hilarious- especially the metaphor for your iPhone!
Wish I had and iPhone.....:(

Anonymous said...

Sheer brilliance!! You should have stretched the challenges over 3 weeks- all are excellent- loved all 3. Hope it wasn't really your blood though,
The 3rd challenge was tough!

Shadowthorne said...
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Shadowthorne said...

(Massive typos above, sorry)

I put my nose onto the screen to taste your blood... and I was so DISAPPOINTED because you used ketchup instead! I can SMELL it!

But really, these three challenges are MOST significant. THey tell us that you would go far to entertain us. Thank you. :)

p.s. - next time kill the neighbour's dog for its blood

SSQuo said...

Wow!! Is all I can say, to all three, and you do it so quickly.

No worries, next time I'll try to think of something MORE challenging. :PP

This time I went so easy on you only because I know you'd deliver. But, you shot it out of the park! I had goosebumps reading it :) I was very interested in seeing how you would tie in 'Murphy', and I loved that portion.

'..there is room for one more left. They chose Murphy, my love, over me. Only the useful ones can survive, you see.'

I bow to thee.

G. Coppard said...

I'm awed, Iseult. I don't know what to say, but wow! I don't know who is more strange, the person who says write a poem in blood or the person who actually writes a poem in blood. I have lessons to learn, obviously.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

im not one for rhymers but u do it real well...

but i LOVE the RED one... some toil in sweat and tears; you do it in blood... take a bow! ;)

Inkpot said...

Hey Gaelgeoir, thanks for visiting. The blood is lumpy because it clotted really quickly - I swear! :) Iphone's are cool, I'd be lost without mine. One day you will know the awesomeness. Glad you liked the lyric.

Thanks Anon. :) You are right, I should have stretched out the challenges all right! Thanks for the challenge.

Oh Shadowthorne, I shouldn't have known I couldn't fool you. Sigh. However, you should know me better than to ask me to kill the neighbour's dog. I'd rather kill the neighbour! :) Hope you liked the poetry, thanks for the challenge.

Thank you SSQuo, I am glad you are pleased with your poem. :) I look forward to future challenges from you (I am also slightly scared!). Thanks for the challenge.

Yes, G.C, you have many lessons to learn! You think writing poems in blood is strange, my my, what kind of life have you been living! :D

Hey Kimya, thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I'll take my bow now. Thank you, thank you. :)

Malice Blackheart said...

Wow. Well, now we'll all know what you mean when you talk about your bloody poetry.

splendid said...