Friday, February 06, 2009

Snow Locked

This is what my little patch of turf looks like today. I know for those of you who live in the land of snow and ice, this petty frosting is nothing, but for Ireland it is a lot. Apparently we are going through the worst cold spell since 1991. The snow and ice continue to keep me trapped in the house. :) More time for writing I guess.


Shadowthorne said...

I love snow, because it's colder than rain.

But we don't have it here, ever. (Hot hot hot and humid).

Better make myself a jugful of ice blended to heal this empty soul who never touches snow.

I was waiting how long you can stay away from my evil dark blog o Princess of Darkness aptly named Inky.

Anonymous said...

I thought the snow in 2001 was a lot heavier but the weather (as a whole) wasn't near as bad. Still, lovely pictures. Snow is always incrediabley beautiful, I suppose designed that way by GOd to make us bear with its terrible inconveniences!!

Malice Blackheart said...


Here in the land of snow and ice, that's what the inside of my car looks like after I get at the frost on the windows with the scraper.

nishaa said...

Snow snow everywhere!..looks beautiful Inkpot..looking forward to reading what you wrote while being so completely snow-struck!

Inkpot said...

I couldn't keep away, Shadowthorne. :) Hey, I'll send you a snowball in the post. Hee hee

Snow is beautiful to look at Anon, when you are snuggled up at home in front of a roaring fire wit chestnuts roasting and nice music playing in the background. That's about it though, I'm afraid.

Hey Mal, your car must be so pretty in the morning with the snow all over the seats. :) I knew you would laugh at the photos. I really don't have a clue what proper snow is like.

Thanks Nishaa. Snow struck is the word.