Thursday, December 04, 2008

I had a dream

That dream was to travel to Vancouver, BC, Canada To work as an actor and writer

To find out who I am, to experience life in another country and to become more independent
Will that dream ever come true???


Anonymous said...

No reason why it shouldn't come true- why don't you list the things that are stopping you, then the measures you need to overcome the things that are stopping you and give yourself a realistic target to achieve those measures and start a 'Off to Vancouver' blog
Mind you I'd choose somewhere warmer!!!

Erica Hanson said...

That's wonderful about your January retreat for a week in Cork. Anonymous has good advice--I'd just add using some of your retreat time to visualize walking down the streets of Vancouver!

Valpot said...

Sounds like a good plan of Anon's. Will you share it on this blog or do a separate one?

Anonymous said...

your dream will come true.

Terry & Gus

Ionafey said...

Dreams don't come true of their own accord. They are sort of like novels -- everyone wants to do one, but it is hard work. I think you could follow this dream if you wanted, too, but realize that it will be a struggle. Day jobs are a necessary evil.

Make a plan:
1. Research Vancouver
2. Set a reasonable sate for departure
3. Determine how you will make money.
4. FInd housing withing that range.

Simple but no easy. You can do it, my friend, if you really want to and work hard at it. Personally, I don't know why you'd leave Ireland, but I guess it isn't like the post cards, huh?

Inkpot said...

Excellent advice as always Anon, and thank you for giving it. Unfortunately I think my biggest obstacle is small, heavy and very very stubborn. Don't know to overcome that.

Thanks for the encouragement Erica.

Good advice indeed Valpot. I don't know, I'll have to think about my blogging options.

Thanks Terry and Gus.

You are right, Lynda. Dreams don't just come true. Fairy godmothers don't grant wishes and good girls who wait at home don't get to go to the ball. As I said to Anon, I think my biggsest obstacle is myself, and the hardest one to overcome. And no, Ireland isn't like it is in the postcards. Well, some of it is, but not Dundalk, the suicide capitol of the country. :)