Friday, December 12, 2008

RIP Pen Pricks Micro Fiction

Dear Pen Pricks,

Yours was a short life - both in publication guidelines and publishing history. Your goal was to publish sparkling works of 55 words. For little over a year you succeeded in that goal, but now it seems you have come to an end. I knew you for such a brief time. Your acceptance of my story thrilled me. I waited eagerly to see my words published in October. However, the sickness hit you in September. You fell silent. Now I keep getting error messages when I click on your links. My searches prove fruitless. Even Duotrope has labelled you as 'website was not functioning on our last visit'. I hope I am wrong. I hope you will rise from the ashes, phoenix like, and feature my story prominently. I hope someone can tell me that I have been mistaken and you have simply moved location without telling anyone.

Until then, I mourn your passing.

Rest in Peace.



Anonymous said...

How Sad! What else can I say? Pity your stuff didn't get published before the demise though

Ionafey said...

Sad, Inky, sad. However, Shine! will start paying for flash. Duotropes digest has the news. :)

Hopefully you don't spend too long in bed with my book. I'm already to five in the contest. Get crackin'! I have work tonight so you may be able to catch me up -- again!

John Wiswell said...

I was also sad to see Pen Pricks go, not in the least because I'd just submitted to them! I'm going to do a week of posts devoted to their 55-word style starting Monday, just for fun.

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