Monday, December 01, 2008

Writing Exercise #3

This week the theme is Character Building.

Here is a sketch of a character: -


Write three things about this person's character based on the sketch.

1. What they do for a living

2. What they like doing best in the world

3. A nightmare they had as a child

oh, and give them a name as well.

As usual, please post your ideas in the comment section. I would love to see them.


Inkpot said...

Here's my entry:
Name - T'Sli
Occupation - Explorer
Favouite thing - playing with her talking griffin
Nightmare - When she was a child she had a recurring dream that the dark knights from the shadow castle descended upon her village and destroyed it, torturing and killing all her friends and neighbours and then her parents, leaving only her alive to tell the tale. Of course, as a child she thought the shadow castle was a made up story. Now, she knows different.

miss ash said...

i think camilla is a great name for her. ocuupation, hrmm, she's a street artist and a fashion designer. her favourite thing to do is inventing weird sewing machines. nightmare, having her all of her paintings destroyed by her brother when he was sleep walking.

Valpot said...

Name: Aurora
Occupation: Heralder of Autumn. Every year she sends in her troops of miniature dragons to scorch the green leaves of summer, and chase the dying leaves off the branches.
Favourite thing: Snowflakes, and the first crisp frost of the year, for she knows then her job is almost done.
Nightmare: Occasionaly she dreams that Winter has been destroyed and she will be trapped eternally desiccating nature & forever browning the earth, bringing death which is no longer followed by rebirth.

Anonymous said...

I think she is a Vera
She works in HR
Her favourite think is Friday night drinks with the girls
Her worst nightmare- her husband finding her credit card bills, after they had agreed to destroy the cards. Yes, she had this dream as a child - unknown to herself she is psychic but she's kind of destroyed the gift.
See how pedestrian the non writer is but i thought she looked kinda sneeky

Inkpot said...

Wow! What wonderful replies! It is amazing the different characters that came out of the one picture. I can see stories about all of those woman. Well done. And Anon, your was not in any way pedestrian.

SSQuo said...

Name: Ursula

Occupation: She works as a harrowed writer (obituaries), always juggling deadlines, but truly wants to be a fashion journalist. A bit furstrated that it hasnt happened yet, but is still hopeful.

Loves dressing up!

Nightmare: When she was a child she was scared that she might be stuck in a job she doesnt like, only waiting for her true calling. She vowed that the dream would never become a reality.

Inkpot said...

Hi SSQuo. Very good, I like Ursula. I love how each character is so different but so appropriate. :)