Monday, December 08, 2008

Writing Exercise #4

The exercise this week is to do with plot outlines.

Pick one item from each of the following topics and then write a short plot outline for a story incorporating all of the elements: -

1. Genre

Horror, Romance, Western

2. Location

New York City, An Island, An alternate dimension

3. Male Names

Abu, Ben, Chi,

4. Female Names

Daphne, Eithne, Fi

5. Object

Candlestick, Ham Sandwich, Spear

6. Point of Conflict

Betrayal, Competition, imprisonment

I have deliberately limited the choices and tried to make them as diverse as possible so they will spark your imagination. I look forward to reading the story outline you make out of them!


Inkpot said...

Ok, here's my entry:
Horror, Island, Abu, Fi, Ham Sandwich, Competition.

Abu is washed ashore a beautiful island with a white sandy shore, a jungle and a coral reef. He explores the island and finds no sign of human life. He climbs to the top of the hill in the centre of the island and discovers a ham sandwich in a glass case. He is hungry and goes to eat it when a woman jumps out at him and stops him. She says her name is Fi and she has been keeping the ham sandwich for emergencies. She has been on the island for a while longer than Abu. Abu is very hungry and really wants the sandwich, so he proposes that they hold a competition to win the sandwich. Fi agrees. She sets different tasks that they have to compete for. Because of her superior knowledge of the island, she tricks Abu and wins every task. He persuades her to one last task. He is decided to trick Fi this time and lies in wait. His trick goes awry and Fi falls off a cliff to her death. Abu returns to the top of the island and eats the ham sandwich, delighted with his victory. However, he didn't realise that the sandwich is poisoned and Fi had been keeping it in the event she wasn't rescued so she could end her suffering. As Abu dies painfully, he sees a ship approaching the island.The End.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Can I give this a shot? Okay, here goes.

I choose: Horror, NYC, Ben, Fi, Ham Sandwich, Competition

Ben was walking about in New York City, taking in the sights and sounds. Feeling hungry, he walked into a diner where he spotten an attractive young woman drinking a cola alone.

Summoning all his courage, he walked up to her and chatted her up. He was pleased to note that he had a positive response from her. Ben subsequently learned that the woman's name was Fi.

Ben discovered that Fi was quite the quirky one and she actually challenged Ben to a ham sandwich eating contest. Ben gladly obliged, thinking he would win this little contest hands down, knowing how famished he is by this time.

Much to Ben's dismay however, he did not even manage to finish his sandwich because in his hurry to gulp down his food, he choked on a partially chewed slice of ham and died on the diner's floor as no one knew how to execute the Heimlich manoevre on him.

-The End-

I know, it sucks. But this is kinda fun. Teeheehee..

Inkpot said...

Wow Aizan, that was great! I'm afraid I found it funny rather than horrible, but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the laugh and for posting. :)