Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Writer Out and About

I'm dosed with the flu this week, so I didn't get very far out and about. However, I grabbed a few minutes while waiting to collect my mother from the church.

I like the freaky photo of the church door! Anyway, my tools this week were:-
1. My car
2. Two ice blocks formerly known as hands
3. Pen & Paper
4. Iphone


Anonymous said...

I like the church door- but not really out and about. You are welcome to travel to dundalk and I'll treat you to a lattee and you can spend all afternoon writing in somewhere warm

Inkpot said...

Thanks Anon. :)

Ionafey said...

Nice pics, and the perspective on the church door is a little weird == like it is bowing in or something. Maybe I'm just tired.

I like the I'm Freezing pic merely because it reflects my inner struggle with warmth . . . and really, isn't that the human condition? ;)

Work again, then two days off. Thank God!

spookygreentea said...

Oh! Very lovely church door. :)

I've wandered over here from my brother's blog, but I thought I should say that I saw your list of favourite books and felt compelled to say I love Neil Gaiman! Very good choices!


Inkpot said...

Hi Ionafey. The church door is very weird, and the thing is I don't know how the picture turned out like that. I had to take it in a hurry as people were coming out the door and I didn't want to photograph them, so maybe I moved my hand and that's why it's like that. I like it though. As for freezing - yup, human condition all right, especially in winter. :) Good luck with work. Are you up for another submission contest on your days off???

Hi Spooky, thanks for wandering over. :) Neil Gaimen is brilliant.