Thursday, December 11, 2008

Submission Contest

Ok G.C , Ionafey and Mercedes, are you ready?
Here are the rules:-
1. First rule of the submission contest is that you never talk about the submission contest... hang on, I think I'm getting confused (sorry, couldn't resist!).
2. Ok, all submissions must be new works.
3. Submissions can be any length and any subject matter.
4. Submissions are to be sent to markets listed on duotrope or ralan etc.
and the prize
You can really rub the losers faces in it. :)
All right, competitors. Are you ready? On your marks.


Ionafey said...

And . . . . their off!

Hey, I've already been working through the night. I think it's a time zone thing, so you better be countin' my helium articles, Inky! ;) LOL

C'mon over and write some stuff for helium. I find I can pump out 500 word articles on opinion stuff pretty easily and my ranks are above 75%. It isn't that bad!

Still thinking about fiction, though. Maybe horror, or dark fantasy . . . heehee, or erotica :D

Mercedes said...

Oh, what? Hey! How did I miss this?!?!?!

Unfair! Unfair! But I'll do one in January!

Mind if I ask what Helium is? I've heard a lot about it lately.