Saturday, April 05, 2008

10 Reasons why I'm not a Disney Princess

We rented Enchanted this evening and I watched it for the second time. It is an enjoyable movie and I laughed a lot watching it, but it reminded me of all the ways I am not a Disney princess like Giselle and never will be. I think that is probably a good thing.
1. I can't sing
2. I'm not thin
3. I'm not 2-d
4. I can't get my animals to clean up for me
5. When I fall out of a tree (or off a building) there is never a handsome man there to catch me
6. I can't make my own clothes
7. I don't look perfect after running through the streets in the rain and then crashing on someones couch
8. No matter how hard I try to organise spontaneous dance routines with large numbers of people and/or animals they never work out
9. If I am on the floor scrubbing it clean, bubbles don't float around my head reflecting my image (then again, I am never on the floor scrubbing it clean)
10. I don't have a (wicked) stepmother
On a different note, the short list for the first round of the Aeon Award was published and I didn't make it. However, there is always the next round to aim for and it means I can send 'All The Dead Stars' out to another market, where it might prove more successful.
Watched the debut for season 4 of Dr Who on BBC1 tonight. It was good. Donna irritated me, I just can't distinguish Catherine Tate from her comedy show characters and it makes her seem really insincere and totally hammy to me. To anyone who has seen the episode (4:1 Partners in Crime) is it just me or did you think the Doctor should have left well enough alone? It was a win win situation before he and Donna bumbled along. The Adipose were cute little aliens and it was a good weight loss solution for London. Pity they messed it up.


Anonymous said...

i agee not a great episode but 1st of season 3 was possibly worse . By the way you can sing and should go back to your lessons, you never climb up trees or tall buildings so how do you know what will happen if you fall off (God forbid), you never scrub floors so again how do you know what will happen. you have really loyal loving animals so i don;t think you are without potental. i'm afraid i really am not princess material, i really can't sing, i've spent years falling off things (and it hurts) and i've done a good bit of scrubbing too.

Inkpot said...

Hi Anon, thanks for commenting. I agree that Partners in Crime was WAY better than 3:01 Smith and Jones. No, I don't climb trees or scrub floors so I suppose I can't speak with much authority on the subject. :)

Valpot said...

I'd take Adipose tablets if they were available over here... :)

Re Disney heroine, you need to work on the voice and the hand movements too!

Inkpot said...

To Valpot - Who wouldn't take adipose? I wish it was real.