Monday, April 28, 2008

Rathmullen Retreat

Just back from a weekend in Rathmullen, Co. Donegal. It is a lovely little village in a very rural area with a 2 km sandy beach, a small wood and a ferry across Lough Swilly to Buncrana. It was from Rathmullen that the Earls fled Ireland in 1607. Our cottage was situated a short walk from the beach, which was accessible through a woodland. We were blessed with the weather as it was warm, dry and sunny from Friday evening to Monday morning. The cottage itself was pure luxury with everything you could want for the perfect weekend and more. The dogs - Janna, Rags and Toffee - enjoyed themselves no end with lots of attention and long walks on the beach. Janna was a different dog, leaping and jumping like her old self. There were lots of horses in the area as well and we saw a man trotting his horse along the road while leading him from his van (not to be encouraged) and a jockey exercising a beautiful chestnut thoroughbred along the strand on Saturday morning. We played lots of wii fit as well, which is fun and informative. I now know my balance is back and slightly to the left, which surprised me as I was sure I was more right sided.
Back to reality today however. I've writing deadlines to meet on Wednesday and Thursday, and teaching and packing to do before leaving for my holiday on Saturday.


Valpot said...

Sounds liek you had a great time Shame it was so short.

Toffee is bored silly this morning, missing all ehr friends, especially the doggie ones!

Inkpot said...

We had a great time all right, Valpot. I'm sure Toffee is missing her run on the beach with her pals!