Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Review of April 2008

April has been a month of both very sad events - Woozer's death on the ninth - and very happy events - acceptance of three stories for publication.

April has felt like a very long month for me, perhaps because I was very busy and there wasn't Easter to break it up. Writing wise I got a lot done. I wrote nearly 21,000 words, which is more than any other month so far this year. I submitted stories to three markets and entered two competitions. Perhaps the best news of all was the fact that two of those stories were accepted for publication and I had a further acceptance for a story submitted in January. I also started rating and writing at Helium once more and submitted five more stories to the site.

On a less successful note, I failed to think up something new to try in the month of April.I also only read one book, which is the least I have read in a month in over a year. I will have to work on both those things for May.


Anonymous said...

what about wii exercise- Is that not something new? or organising an egytpian dance workshop? Sounds a good month

Inkpot said...

Good point anon, I forgot to mention them, thanks for reminding me. Yes, it was a good month. :)

Malice Blackheart said...

For the coming month you could review a Wii game every day. Usually it only takes about ten minutes before you know if the game is any good or not. If you look at the clock and realize two hours have disappeared, it must be good.

Inkpot said...

Good idea Mal. It is true, it doesn't take long to know whether a game is good or not. I love when you are playing a new game and you think you have only been playing it a short while and hours have passed.