Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Competitions for April

After totting up the amount of money I have spent so far this year on Competition Entry fees versus the amount of money I have received from writing, I have decided to limit the number of competition fees I pay to two per month. Therefore, for the month of April, I have selected 2 comps with entry fees and 2 without to try my hand at.
Closing date: 14th April 2008
Entry fee: £6 per short story
Prizes: Prize fund of £3,500
Word Limit: 50 - 3000 words
Guidelines: This competition has various different categories including poetry, children's and journalism as well as short story and the entry fees vary accordingly. It accepts stories in any genre and style. The winning poem will be submitted to the Forward Poetry Prize and the winning children's story will be sent to a Literary Agency. Accepts email submissions
Closing date: 30th April 2008
Entry Fee: £6
Prizes: Ist £110, 2nd £55, 3rd £30, 7 hon mentions, publication for ten stories
Word Limit: 2,500
Guidelines: This competition accepts stories in any style or genre. Judges include leading journalists and literary agents.
Closing Date: 4th April 2008
Entry Fee: 0
Prizes: Payment of 1c per word and publication in the anthology
Word limit: 3000 - 7500
Guidelines: This isn't really a competition but after failing to enter their giant creatures competition on time, I am entering this as a contest to delude myself into thinking it is one. They are looking for stories about robots which boldly takes the man machines into territory they have never gone before.
Closing date: 4th April 2008
Entry Fee: 0
Prizes: €650
Word Limit: 2000
Guidelines: This competition is run by Waterford County Council. No age limit or restriction in subject matter. The prize will be awarded at the Waterford Literary Festival in June.


Valpot said...

Good luck with the competitions for April!

Inkpot said...

Thanks Valpot. To paraphrase Peter Right from Only You, Why don't we do them together?

Valpot said...

That's an idea.... yeah, a good one!

Let me check them out further!