Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Writer Resources

I'm not feeling particularly inspired to blog about anything this evening, so I thought I would post a link to some of the resources I've found helpful in the past few weeks. I hope you find them helpful too.
In case you didn't know, K.A Patterson is the editor of Alienskin Magazine. She publishes an interesting and informative writing blog that includes loads of hints and tips about the word of fiction writing. She also posts a list of her own submissions, acceptances and rejections, which is refreshing. Check it out, I always take away something new from it when I browse.
A recent writing resource I stumbled upon that makes me wonder how I ever managed without it. Duotrope has an extensive range of markets for both short fiction and novels that are easily searchable and include information on pay scales, average response times and genres accepted. A must for all writers, it also includes a submission tracker for registered users. Check it out and, if you are a writer, PLEASE consider donating to this fabulous resource. Keep Duotrope running, and keep it free.
While lacking the submission tracker and extensive catalog of Duotrope, I do admire the database Ralan has collected here and if I am browsing for a particular type of market - say, anthologies - I find the layout easier to navigate. Another invaluable resource of a writer, no matter what your level of experience is.


Valpot said...

I am familiar with these blogs/resources and I agree - all very good, invaluable even.

Love your submission record listing, Inks - I was thinking of doing the same (but starting with April).

Thanks for sharing them!

Valinora Troy said...

Your statisics for the year so far are impression, Inks:

10 competitions
7 Submissions
3 acceptances
9 pending responses


April was particularly productive -I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in May!

Inkpot said...

Thanks VT