Friday, April 18, 2008

Good news again!

The lovely people at Necrotic Tissue have accepted my micro fiction story 'The Vilage Shop' for publication in their January 2009 issue. While you are waiting for my story to appear, you should check out some of their other editions. Be warned, if you are of a sensitive disposition, they are a horror publication. What I particularly like about Necrotic Tissue, apart from their obvious good taste, is that they are working to publish quality horror fiction and to help horror writers qualify to join the Horror Writers Association. One of the requirements of affiliate membership is to have a horror story of at least 500 words published for a fee of at least $25. I really want to join the HWA, founded by (among others) Dean Koontz. However, even though I have 2 horror stories accepted, one is above 500 words and less than $25 while the other is for $25 but less than 500!
The competition with Valinora Troy continues. Me: 3 acceptances VT: 4 acceptances (3 already published)


Anonymous said...

While i am delighted that you are published, the name of that web ezine is enough to put me off - why the fascination with horror? why not the good, the true and the beautiful? but well done anyway, competition is hotting up with you and valpot

Valpot said...

Grrr... (Gnashing of teeth!)

That's brilliant, congratulations Inkpot - You're the BEST!!!
It's the third of many - look how well our plan is working out - different publications, the old writing CV is looking good!

On to the next!

(You're beating me on the paid ones anyway!

Inkpot said...

Hi Anon - horror can encompass the good the true and the beautiful, it isn't all about the bad the lie and the ugly. I guess I just like to be scared. Ever since I watched the wax works as a young child I've been fascinated with the dark possibilities. Thanks for the comments. The competition is hotting up all right!

Hi Valpot - yes, our hard work is finally paying off for us! If the trend continues, as soon as you get another acceptance I'll prepare to hear some good news for myself :)

Valpot said...

I hope it continues that way (ie first one of us, then the other, ad infinitum) :)

Inkpot said...

So do I Valpot. Valpot: Yes, I've just sold my twentieth book for a six figure advance.
Inkpot, the next day: Congrats Valpot, I've just sold my nineteenth book for a six figure advance!

Valpot said...

Ah! What a lovely fantasy (soon to be a reality, of course!)